My entry for the Mix and Jam Game Jam 10/2019!

The goal of the game jam was to transfer a mechanic from a game into another dimension and to build another game upon it!

My inspiration came from equilinox:

The mechanic/mechanics from equilinox were automatic world expansion/growth of the ecosystem and depending on the ecosystem automatic population/repopulation of the world.

The goal of this simple game is to build a thriving ecosystem where animals can survive breed and grow. If you overdo it then it might collapse!

Enjoy undergrowth and leave me a comment.


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Very neat concept that fits 2d pretty well. I wish I was able to fill out the whole screen with a ecosystem but it just didn't seem possible. The animals just kind of wandered around and didn't spread life as one would expect. Overall good job its a pretty inspirational project.

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Thx for the input, yeah i ran a bit out of time my ultimate goal was to make this more controllable with a bit more time i might have been able to do it, at the moment only the worms repopulate automatically (you should see hearts if that happens, generally if they are close to each other there is a chance for it to happen). If it happens you get additional worms you can place :)

So at the moment it is possible but a bit hard to do, the best strategy to do it is just to spawn worms at one location at the moment, which I would change in future updates^^